You can say hallo to me: ToM!

Works: Automotive journalist (’03 till now), you can subscribe or buy Majalah MOTOR, or click as sample reports, and available joining ‘SJ’ if you asking me -cihuy-.

Schools: I’m graduated from ‘Sastra’ Mesin, ITB -huahahaha-

Hobbies & interest: all about technologies, including gadget & ‘funny’ things such photograph or videograph.

Infrastructures: ‘Lenovo’ ThinkPad Z61T A89, PCMCIA Sierra AirCard 875, Xplor ‘unlimited bajaj net :p’, Halo ‘Telkomsel Sh*t’, pendrive ‘urdu’ Apacher 128 MB, Kingston ‘lemot USB 1.1’ 1GB, external HDD 80GB, HP hw6515 (dying battery), SE k608i (somecases if i forgot brought Sierra), and others (including desktop HP C0mpaq dx7300 Pentium4 3 gigs, mem 256 ember, 60 geboy HDD –> if I stay as nerd at office).

Connection: Say hi to me at YM: adisukma or phone ~XL~, ~telkomsel~, ~IM3~, ~esia~, with last number: -TOMMY 😀


4 Responses to “About”

  1. ukirsari Says:

    wah, beruntung banget kamu tom … officially i still carry on windows 98 😉 hare geneeeee!!! postingannya ditunggu!

  2. stania Says:

    Tomi jurnalis metrohexual idolaku! :p

  3. mas, saya juga dari teknik mesin. Cuma saya udah semester 9 masih aja bingung dengan mesin…

    ada referensi?

  4. govan Says:

    bos saya punyamobil twincam gti thn 91 mu jual
    mesin blacktop 20 valve,suun roof wbasto,pwr windo,pwr stering, ac & rool baar dijual dibawah 30 jt berminat hub di no 02198896909/ 08565018300 govan thks be4

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